Chili Pepper Chris’s Comic Cave: Reviews for October 15, 2008

Red 5 Comics: Atomic Robo – Dogs of War #3 ( of 5 )


Here’s more goodness from writer Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, delving out good sci-fi World War II action in their own fantastic way.

I’m telling you folks, you can’t beat the entertainment value in this comic. We continue with Atomic Robo’s adventure of trying to stop the Nazis from interfering with the Allied mission in Europe in 1943, in which they are using walking tanks and other scientific means. This issue also has Robo “teaming-up” with Britain’s adventurer, The Sparrow, to catch the creator of the walking tanks. Lots of fun here! Buy!! Grade: A

Marvel Comics: Ultimate Origins #5 ( of 5 )


Something big is supposed to go down in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe and this mini-series basically gives you all of the origins of the major players in this upcoming event. The Ultimate version of the Watchers have been popping up all over and in this issue they reveal why they are doing the watching but it’s still pretty enigmatic. The Fantastic Four are center stage here so forget seeing Cap or Hulk as in the cover above. But, you do get a pretty sweet revelation here which has been teased for several issues that is a big deal and different from the mainstream Marvel universe. Brian Michael Bendis writes and Butch Guice handles the art, which is very realistic and beautiful. Not a bad book but you need to be interested in the goings on in this particular universe. Grade: B

DC Comics: Justice Society of America #19


Okay, I want to say right off the bat that the image above is not the cover for this particular issue, it’s last month’s. Every image I could find for this month’s cover was of very sucky quality. Anyway, if you’ve been keeping up with this Kingdom Come-esque storyline then you are going to really dig this issue. With all of the drama surrounding the activity of the god-like Gog from the previous issues, things really start to come to a breaking point here. Hawkman gets pissed. Starman is being all mysterious. And Kingdom Come Superman is about to go off…you can just tell. I really want the artist from the last few issues, Fernando Pasarin, back on this book but Dale Eaglesham still does a kick-ass job and it’s nice to have him back on the book. Comic book writing god Geoff Johns gives us another good read here. Oh yeah, Alex Ross is co-plotter and gives us the cover, which is actually good. I just can’t find a decent image of it anywhere. Grade: B+

Cover of the week: Vertigo Comics — Fables #77

fables 77

ooooh, pretty….

Until next time– Peace…

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