Chili Pepper Chris’s Comic Cave: Reviews for September 17, 2008

Marvel Comics: The Incredible Hercules #121


Damn, I love this book and I love the hell out of the cover above!

Written by Greg Pak with art by Clayton Henry we find our hero, Hercules, and his pal Amadeus Cho taking a little down time on an island in the Pacific that also happens to be a hangout for Amazon warriors. These Amazons are packing heat and are in heat, looking for a male worthy to sire their next generation. There’s great action and humor throughout the issue and, as I’ve said in previous reviews of this title, I don’t mind at all that Hercules has taken over this old Hulk title. Pak’s writing is fresh and makes this book one of the firsts I read the week it comes out. Henry’s art is fun and action packed and the man can draw some sexy ass Amazons. The only thing I didn’t like about this issue was that it seemed kind of short. But still very cool. Thanks to this book, Hercules is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters around. He’s as cool as Wolverine but without all the brooding. Grade: B+

Red 5 Comics: Atomic Robo – Dogs of War part 2 ( of 5 )

dogs of war02

Man, I so want to see a team-up book with Atomic Robo and Hellboy. They would fit together so nicely. Anyhoo, this second issue of the second volume from writer Brian Clevinger with art by Scott Wegener is a super fun read with the WWII adventures of Atomic Robo, on a mission to stop the Nazis and their “Laufpanzers” –walking tanks. The action is no holds barred as Robo goes after Laufpanzer after Laufpanzer with help from the G.I.s around him. It’s nothing deep but if you want an entertaining read then you can’t go wrong with Atomic Robo. Grade: A-

DC Comics: Action Comics #869


Thank you comic book gods for giving us writer Geoff Johns! The man is a force to be reckoned with and knows these DC characters in and out and tells fantastic stories that showcase the characters strengths and weaknesses in perfect form. This issue is part 4 of the Braniac storyline that has Superman confronting the real Braniac, not the probes that he has dealt with before. In the previous issues he learned the details of the fate of the Kryptonian city of Kandor, how Braniac captured the city and triggered the destruction of Krypton and has been doing the same thing all over the universe. So, Supes went looking for Brainiac and found the real deal but now the evil bastard has brought his ship to Metropolis so he can do the same thing to it and to Earth that he did to Krypton. This issue is great as you see Superman face Brainiac head on all the while Metropolis residents panic and Daily Planet workers deal with the Brainiac probes in some, what I like to call, “OH YEAH!” moments. Artist Gary Frank is stupendous in this issue and I hope he stays on forever. Awesome awesome awesome! Grade: A+

Until next time—Peace…

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