Merry XXXMas


Well it’s that time a year again folks, Christmas time.

You know the time of year where we as a people go out of our way to celebrate all the good in the world, by trying to see how much in debt we can put ourselves by purchasing items for people in an attempt to seem giving. It also marks the time that here in Raleigh, the loyal listeners of the radio show Bob & the Showgram can participate in a time honored tradition known as Merry XXXMas.

For the past 10 years that I have been a loyal listener to Bob and the Showgram, Merry XXXMas has worked like this:

The DJ’s along with other members of the show would go out and take naked pictures of themselves, while strategically covering up the naughty parts with Christmas themed items. They would then post said pictures on the web for other people to see, gawk at, make fun of, and in some cases lust after.

The other cool thing was that as listeners of the show, you could also submit your own photos. (because nothing says that you’re celebrating the birth of Christ, quite like parading around in nothing more than a smile and some wrapping paper)

Now I realize that most of the time the people on the radio are some of the last people that you would ever want to see naked, but on the whole the nice folks at G105 are some nice looking people (I love you Randi). And every year we here at ATE looked forward to seeing the folks from the Showgram and whatnot parading about. Unfortunately, for what ever reason, this year, they’re doing pets. (not that way you sick bastard)

Well I for one feel as though Merry XXXMas needs to continue as originally intended. Therefore we here at All Things East Inc. are more than happy to pick up the slack. So from here on till the end of the year readers can feel free to send in their naughty pics and we will post them on the site. And since we still love you G105, at the bottom are some pics from 2004 when Merry XXXMas was still featuring humans.

Send all naughty pics to

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